CDs als Beileger im Katalog und Zeitschriften Add onCD come aggiunta al catalogo o rivista add onCDs as magazine or catalogue giveaways

CD as magazine or catalogue giveaway

Example 1: Catalogue giveaways

Upgrading of travel catalogues by inclusion of a CD with audio features on various destinations (Amsterdam, Vienna, and Budapest). Added value for the customer as a supplement to the product information on river cruises in the catalogue.


Flexible for high and low circulations, starting with 500 copies, 3,60 € net./pc.

Example 2: CDs as magazine giveaway

geophon samplers with audio features on Italy and Spain as giveaways with the popular women’s magazine “Für Sie”. Circulation of 500,000. The CD packing was used for advertisements (Buitoni, TUI). The CD transmits emotional highlights of travel destinations in Italy and Spain, providing added value to end customers and an attractive special advertising format for advertisers.


Flexible adaptation for the requirements of magazins or newspapers,
CD as an insert or attached in a carton wallet.

Mere licence (fabrication of the CD excl.)
e.g. 20.000 copies for 0,69 € net per copy.

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