Audioguides für Apps und SmartphonesGuida Audio per cellulariAudioguides via mobile phones

Audioguides via mobile phones

Example 1: Audio guides via mobile phones

Audio guides for the smartphone platform, Production of audio guides for use when visiting a city. The guides include interviews, music, etc. They can be downloaded at the destination via smartphone. There is GPS-driven prompting of media files at the right location. The guides feature tourist information and fictional tours, for instance in the form of detective stories. The design is flexible in terms of accessible use. The guides are ideal as a service provided by hotels for their customers, as part of a city marketing campaign, or as an incentive.

Example 2: Electronic travel guides

Tourist information and literary audio features for the electronic travel guides by MERIAN. Wide-ranging features on points of interest all over Europe, with anecdotes, historical background and information, as well as literary texts on locations and attractions, including interviews with residents and music. Length: 1 minute / 3 minutes.


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