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Holidays you can hear

Audio travel guides for end customers, sold in bookshops and online. The tracks include a wide range of interviews, music and sounds. The audio guides of 60-80 minutes are beautifully packed (DigiPak). They include a map and detailed booklet containing information on literature, museums, restaurants, etc. The main purpose of the CDs is to help people to prepare their trip. The CDs provide emotional and entertaining portraits of cities and regions.Over 30 different destinations are available, from Rome, Berlin and New York to Egypt, Majorca and Hawaii.


Minimum purchase 10 copies
From 7,71 € net per copy, plus packaging and forwarding costs

Quantity buyer
Minimum purchase 100 copies
From 7,06 € net per copy (45% discount), plus packaging and forwarding costs

Individualized Design (e.g. branded cover / as giveaway)
Minimum purchase 1.000 copies
9,88 € net per copy

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